Family Photos

Derek & Erica (Family)

Derek & Erica (Family) - Photo Blog, Family Photos

gallery Derrick, his wife Erica, and their 2 children live in the Dallas, Texas area.

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Joe & Shannon (Family)

Joe & Shannon (Family) - Photo Blog, Family Photos, Test

gallery Joe and Shannon live in Southwest Louisiana with their 3 beautiful children.

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Adam & Jami (Family)

Adam & Jami (Family) - Photo Blog, Family Photos, Test

gallery Adam & Jami McCain live in the Dallas area. Adam is the director of Christ for the Nations Institute; he and his wife pastor a church in the Cedar Hill, Texas Church on the Hill.

Photos from this 1000 Words Media photo shoot were recently featured in August 2009 issue of  Southwest Now Magazine.

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Matt & Laura (Couple)

Matt & Laura (Couple) - Photo Blog, Couples, Family Photos

gallery Originally from Michigan, Matt & Laura live in Dallas, Texas.

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